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If you are interested in shipping outside of the contiguous United States unfortunately, we are not able to service your area. We are working on being able to deliver to these areas in the future!  

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Yes! We highly recommend the use of non-slip rug pads. There are many benefits to using a rug pad for both hard surfaces such as wood, tile concrete and soft surfaces like carpeting. Rug pads allow you to:


1. Keep the rug firmly in place with no slippage
2. Provide an extra layer of cushion, which some may prefer especially under very close pile rugs
3. Reduce friction on the surface of the rug which can reduce shedding, especially on wool pile rugs

You can view our rug pads here.

This is completely normal and rug pads are meant to be trimmed to perfectly fit underneath your area rug.

We suggest taking the following steps to get the perfect trim: 

1) Pick the perfect spot for your area rug! 

2) Lay your rug pad down where you'd like your area rug 

3) Lay your area rug on top of your rug pad 

4) If possible, leave your rug pad and area rug out for about 24-48 hours to allow all of the creases to relax before trimming 

5) Once the creases have relaxed, use fabric scissors to

-Vertically trim your rug pad 

-Horizontally trim your rug pad

6) Vacuum the rug to remove any air-bubbles from trimming the rug pad 

7) Place your furniture back in place and enjoy your new area rug! 

Since we source from various vendors to provide our customers with the best quality and value possible, you may see a variation of up to 5% of the published dimensions for your rug. This happens across the industry however, if you do have any questions please contact support@rugmart.com !   

Yes, don't worry! It's normal for new rugs to shed and would not be considered defective. 

Depending on the weave type of your area rug and where it is being used, it may continue to shed over the span of its lifetime. 

Here are some tips to help prevent shedding: 

-Lightly vacuum your rug regularly, going with the grain of the pile and not against it.

-Do not use a heavy beater bar or use the vacuum on the setting closest to the ground.  

-Use a rug pad to further protect the rug.

-If possible, move it to a low traffic area.

Rug Care

Get the most out of your new area rug by following our helpful care tips!

- Vacuum regularly. Do not use a beater bar attachment. If you cannot remove the beater bar, raise it as high as possible and vacuum carefully.

- When vacuuming, use the lowest available setting to prevent fibers from being pulled out of the rug backing.

- Sprouts that appear on the surface of the rug should be snipped at level. Do not pull the fiber out.   

- If you own a natural fiber rug, be sure to vacuum the area underneath the rug periodically. 

- Spills should be cleaned immediately using a clean white cloth. Avoid rubbing, as this may push the stain deeper into the rug.

- To promote even wear of the rug surface, rotate regularly.

- Avoid exposing rugs to continuous direct sunlight. This will cause colors to fade over time. 

We understand creases and bunching can be a pain when receiving a new area rug. These are normal and will flatten within 2 -3 weeks as you begin to use your new rug.


Use these tricks to help flatten your rug: 


Back Rolling: Roll the carpet out, then roll it back up reversely with the backside up. Let it sit rolled up reversely for a day or 2, or until it flattens out. 


Heavy Objects: Lay a piece of heavy furniture or objects on affected areas for a day or 2, or until it flattens out. If the corners are sticking up, curl them back and place heavy objects on affected areas going the opposite way. 


Heat: Use this technique as a last resort only. Place the rug over a cleared concrete or area like a driveway or sidewalk setting during dry sunny conditions. Allow the rug to be positioned for optimal sunlight as long as possible to give the rug time to absorb the sun's heat for up to 2 hours, but use more time if needed. 


Blow Dryer: If a large concrete patch with optimal sunlight is not accessible, flip the rug over and use a hair dryer to affected areas to heat up the creases. Always hold the hair dryer 7 to 12 inches away from the rug going side to side on a medium setting, as heat can sometimes cause backing to melt. 

There’s nothing worse than coming home and seeing what surprises your pet left on your rug after a long day at work. Fear not, below are some simple solutions to bringing your rug back to life that our customers have loved! 


***Please be advised that we always recommend professional rug cleaning and any cleaning techniques listed below are only suggestions***


Spills: Use a clean cloth and hold firmly immediately after the spill to absorb as much of the liquid as you can. Make sure to not rub the stain deeper into the material as this will cause the spill to spread out even more and make it more difficult to remove the stain. 


Stains: If time has passed since the stain appeared, make a mixture of room temperature water, a mild detergent and white vinegar and apply the foam at the top of the mixture with a clean rag. Let it sit for 20 minutes and remove with a wet rag. 


Pet Stains: Absorb as much of the affected are as you can with a paper towel, then apply a light coat of baking soda over the stain. Wait 10 minutes then apply a layer of pet stain remover (read directions on the pet solution before applying) and lightly scrub until you see the stain begin to disappear. Let it sit another 10-20 minutes and finish by vacuuming up remaining substance. 

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