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What Made Jute Rugs Very Popular Recently?

What Made Jute Rugs Very Popular Recently?

Jute rugs are emerging to be one of the most classic and popular rug options used in homes. They tend to bring an organic and natural vibe indoors while proving to be quite versatile and timeless. Composed of dried plant fibers, they’re 100% biodegradable and recyclable - thus, a great way to approach an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle at home. Generally, the fibers obtained from plants are woven into knots and braids that create a dynamic pattern on the rug!

Unlike the sisal rugs, the jute is comparatively softer and fragile. So, if you’re looking to invite a sense of calmness, coziness, and warmth - the jute rugs play a great statement. And not just aesthetics but this rug also brings you an inch closer to helping the planet heal! So, what is so admirable about these jute rugs, and why are homeowners and designers obsessing over them again and again? Well, let’s have a look at these benefits!

Benefits of Jute Rugs

  • Eco-Friendly

Every industry is going green! And especially when it’s the home decor, you’re also fostering a sense of health and wellness in the home with this natural rug. Furthermore, this jute rug can be recycled and is handmade and 100% biodegradable. It also avoids harmful off-gassing which other synthetics rugs may sometimes be responsible for!

  • Easy to Clean

Who doesn’t like the idea of not cleaning or vacuuming the rug every now and then? Well, with these jute rugs, all you have to do is to take these rugs outside and shake the dirt off!

  • Durability

These eco-friendly jute rugs are quite durable and long-lasting. Moreover, you can consider styling them in high-traffic areas such as the living, dining, and entryway corridors. Unlike the sisal rugs, they don’t break down or fall off! 

  • Aesthetics

Jute rugs are versatile! Jute rugs are timeless! Jute rugs are sophisticated! Regardless of the interior design style and color scheme, these rugs will easily blend into the existing panorama without protruding out awkwardly. Furthermore, they will give your home a perfect touch of coziness and warmth. So, whether you have a coastal style or Mid-Century, modern, Bohemian, and modern farmhouse - this rug will play for all.

  • Multiple Uses

Jute rugs are simply just beyond rugs! They can also be used as wall hangings and decor just in case you plan to hang them!

  • Comfortable and Healthy

The jute rugs are quite comfortable and soft to walk on! So, if you’re in the habit of walking barefoot - these rugs will always calm and soothe you. You can also layer this rug over another one for a sense of contrast and texture. 

5 Best Jute Rugs

So, are you excited to watch out for some intriguing jute rugs for your home? Well, here is a list of our hand-picked rugs from the collection that you can have an eye on!

Like our Natural Dhaka Braided Jute Rug

Also known as the Golden Fiber, this rug is hand-braided using natural jute and cotton fibers. They are durable and soft, and can definitely play seamlessly in all your rooms. Whether it’s the nursery, kids’ rooms, or the living room - the jute rug will foster a cozy and calm atmosphere.

It looks phenomenal on the hardwood floors. Moreover, if you crave a beachy or coastal vibe - this rug is something to watch out for!

Natural Modern Bodhi Rug

This Moroccan-inspired rug is handwoven in 100% jute and is totally eco-friendly and sustainable. Featuring linear and braided details, this rug can also be used in modern, bohemian, French Country, and traditional interior design styles.

The pattern on the rug is responsible for exhibiting a natural and organic look. Simultaneously, it adds just the right amount of depth and texture to a space! Don’t worry - it will not protrude out, but rather blend with the surroundings!

Natural Floral Jute Rug


This round jute rug makes a great match for your round dining table and other seating in the kids’ rooms and play areas. It adds a sense of welcomeness and friendliness to the room while also grabbing the attention of your guests and family members.

It’s available in various diameters to suit your needs. And since it’s quite soft and cozy - you can definitely walk barefoot at home - without having to worry about feeling cold.

Chunky Jute Rug

One of the classic jute rugs from our collection, the Chunky rug exhibits a sense of rustic vibe and utmost simplicity. It’s thick to offer the right amount of warmth with rich threads and ultra-fine weaving that makes it stand out from the rest.

So, it’s time that you grace your room with the existence of this natural and organic rug that adds a refreshing and calming vibe as well.

Assam Braided Jute Rug

If simple, monochromatic jute rug is is too boring for you - then you must have an eye on this braided jute rug. It beholds an intriguing texture and pattern that adds extra beauty and depth to your space. And with little tassels on the edges, you’re adding that perfect fun-loving and cheerful vibe.

This Assan braided rug is quite timeless and versatile. Of course, you wouldn’t get bored of it that easily and it will also adapt to any interior design setup! Lastly, it’s quite easy to maintain and take care of!

Summing It Up

Jute rugs are one of the homeowners’ and designers’ favorites not only because of the aesthetics but also longevity and sustainability! These rugs have the potential to complement one and all interior design styles - hence, whether it’s a Vintage backdrop or bohemian - this rug plays one for all!

So, if you equally want to help the planet by contributing one thought at a time, it’s time to start with this chic and authentic natural jute rug. It will make you feel calm and poised and will not release toxins that other rug materials might! So, how excited are you to incorporate a jute rug into your home? Well, do let me know in the comments below! 

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