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Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room


Mirror mirror on the wall; what rug ideas beats them all? Well, when it comes to revamping your living room space, adding just one item delicately selected can give it the magic touch- a rug. However, choosing one that blends in with the color scheme, atmosphere or one that can soften hard edges (if it’s a contemporary living room) can prove difficult.

 Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

More Than Just A Rug 

When choosing the right rug to restyle your living room, you have to look beyond the aesthetics. Yes, aesthetics matter, but usually, there should be more than meets the eye.

This brings us to the million-dollar question- what modern rug ideas can restyle your living room, giving it that magic touch? (In reality, it’s a few-dollars question if you choose to shop with Rug Mart). It’s more than just a rug- it’s a statement. Let’s help you make the right statement.

Let’s dive into it!

Don’t Skip The Basics

It is easy to get sucked into ideas so much that you forget the basics. Irrespective of the ideas you choose to create that modern vibe in your living room, remember to consider the basics of choosing a rug.


1. The Size Matters


It is a design disaster to have a rug that only covers a small area of your living room. This disaster can be averted by measuring the area of your living room before purchasing one. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the conversation areas are covered, with the front legs of your sofa anchoring the rug. In addition, choose one at least two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the space. For example, opt for an 8’x10’ rug for a 10’x14’ room such as the one below:

Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

Modern Designed Tidalhom Aurora Rug


2. What Color Is Your Rug?


Colors have a feel to them- they carry a certain vibration. When choosing the right rug for your living room, it is important to consider the feel of the room. Bright colors such as blue make the living room look bigger and brighter. Dull colors, on the other hand, give it a contemporary feel. The bottom line is that colors create certain emotions, brighten/dulls the room, can create a receding effect or make a room look bigger, and can be used to create emphasis. As a rule of thumb, choose a rug that has at least two of your accent colors.



3. Comfort Comes First


There are so many rugs to choose from and so many factors to consider, but the bottom line is, “how does it feel under your feet?” It doesn’t matter how good-looking a rug is; if it leaves your feet feeling like you were walking on stones, then it is not worth it. Choose a rug that feels good and cozy, like a shag rug.

Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

Solid Shag Rug 


6 Living Room Rug Ideas To Re-Vamp Your Style


Get Muted Graphic Print To Highlight Your Furniture


You finally bought your favorite sofa and are now looking for a rug to highlight its elegance. Going mid-century modern style is the way to go. This style brings the right tone to your living space while giving your furniture the attention it deserves.

 Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

Traditional Naples Augustus Rug

Choose An Area Rug That Seamlessly Blends With Your Living And Dining Area


If you have an open home design, you may find it difficult to coordinate the dining and living room while maintaining their individuality. In a way, you have to choose an area rug that blends with their styles while maintaining their identity. You can opt for a plain area rug, one that is free from patterns to give a smooth transition. Alternatively, you can choose a patterned area rug that blends both themes seamlessly, creating some harmony.

Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

Traditional French Inspired Casino Rug 


Try Geometric Rounded Style  Area Rugs To Bring A Blend


A geometric rounded-style area rug is a bold move. It’s not just for its artistic vibe, but because you can use the colors from the rug’s palette in choosing the right throw pillows, or one that blends with your artwork or furniture, for instance. When you apply (in small doses) some colors on the area rugs palette on the environment, it creates some coherence. What a blend!

Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

Geometric Austin Trellis Rug

Go Bold With Brightly Colored Shag Rugs


If you are looking to have that declutter effect in your living room, consider buying a brightly colored shag rug for your living room. It is not just a bold move; it is also one that keeps the right tone in the living room. It also makes the living room look spacious and creates a calming but vibrant effect. The fluffy feel of the shag rug is also heavenly when you need to rest your feet after a long day- or, you know, any other time you want the cozy feel on your feet.

Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

There Is Nothing Plain About Plain Natural Runners


Not only do they act as a powerful presence in your room, but they also make it easy to coordinate with any other colors present in the room. They are perfect for someone who is also ever-exploring the variety of color schemes in the living room. Their plain nature makes it easier to style the living room with any harmony of colors. 

Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

Solid Shag Rug


Create A Contemporary Twist Of Modern And Tradition


Designing your living room in only one style can be monotonous. If your living room has a modern feel to it, you can opt for a tradition-looking area rug for that subtle style. You can find these contemporary patterns in  RugMart’s traditional rugs section at affordable prices.

Modern Rug Ideas To Re-Style Your Living Room

Traditional Helios Utopia Rug






These modern ideas will give your living room the style and elegance it deserves. They are sure to give your room the right tone and feel. If you are looking for rugs to help bring your living room to life, RugMart has got you covered- or more precisely, RugMart has got your floor covered (wink).

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