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15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

Defined by utmost timelessness, versatility, and practicality - the Mid-Century Modern era is simply beyond a mere style. Flaunting a beautiful array of clean and crisp lines, sleek edges, bold and quirky hues, and intricate geometric patterns - the Mid-Century Modern interior design style is gradually gaining a ton of attraction by homeowners across the world.

When decorating a space, an area rug is a dominant and foremost factor to keep in mind! Yes - it tends to unite the space and also speak out the true Mid-Century personality that you have! So, here is a selection of our top 15 favorite Mid-Century modern area rug ideas that you can consider incorporating in your home! 

1. Navy Blue Geometric Area Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

When you’re looking for that perfect Mid-Century Modern area rug - never hold back from bold colors and geometric patterns! Adding a perfect pop of hue and depth to your space - this navy blue area rug is bound to play eye-catchy, dominant, and absolutely eccentric.

You can further choose to pair this rug with subtle grays on the furniture upholstery and various other bright colors like coral and mustard as an accent in the room. 

2. Serenade Austin Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

Looking to give your room an ultimate Mid-Century Modern transformation? Well, it’s time to throw some patterns and colors with the help of this chic and authentic area rug! Showcasing a wide array of light blue, light green, peach, yellow, teal, and burgundy tinge - the area rug is set to complement any living room or bedroom backdrop.

Moreover, this detailed area rug will never go out of style - hence, can always make your space feel energetic and cheered up! 

3. Seaside Chromatic Area Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

Do you admire the feel of refreshing blues and minty greens in your Mid-Century Modern setback? Well, you can absolutely have it! If splashing that hue on the furniture is too overwhelming and intimidating for you - an area rug will play a vital role in defining the color palette.

The abstract patterns and dazzling colors on this area rug will perfectly give your room a sense of motivation and energy. And not to forget, the ultimate coastal vibe!

4. Geometric Frieze Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

Don’t want a loud and busy area rug on board? Well, even the creamy-white and beige area rugs can play flawlessly in your Mid-Century Modern living room and bedroom. If you have a bold and iconic furniture piece that stands out, you can let this subtle area rug play a soothing backdrop.

Moreover, it works perfectly with darker hardwood floors and smaller-sized rooms in your home (to make them appear airier and larger).

5. Graphic Chevron Mid-Century Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

Patterns like chevron and herringbone go hand-in-hand in the Mid-Century Modern-style spaces. And believe it, this classic area rug is a great way to decorate your home in a versatile and timeless way! Featuring a beautiful blend of blue and gold - this area rug is definitely something to have an eye on - if you adore a Mid-Century vibe!

This area rug can bring life and energy to any dull and dingy space. And it can also truly gain all the attention!

6. Athena Geometric Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

Mid-Century Modern rugs with bold hue domination and clean geometric pattern work really well. So, if you’re looking for a monochromatic and soothing Mid-Century backdrop - this subtle and low-key rug can truly do wonders.

Available in a wide array of color options, you can choose either to bring a sense of visual interest into your space! And lastly, don’t forget to pair this area rug with a couple of likewise patterned throw pillows on the couch or bed.

7. Geometric Chindi Trellis Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

Do you want to impress your guests with the utmost joyous and enchanting look in your home? Well, look no further than this bright and cheerful geometric Chindi Trellis area rug. It has the potential to create an eye-catchy appeal and at the same time, bring vividness and vibrancy to any space. Hence, a great way to kill that old-school dull vibe!

Moreover, this area rug is made of 100% cotton and can invite a sense of warmth and welcomeness!

8. Colton Modern Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

For that perfect, out-of-the-box, and contemporary appeal in your living room, it’s best to incorporate this monochromatic modern rug that plays subtle and calm. Featuring a beautiful tone of neutral blue, this rug is bound to make the space feel airier, brighter, and coastal-like.

And let’s not ignore the dynamic details and simple linear shapes on the rug that brings it closer to a Mid-Century vibe!

9. Alchemy Distressed Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

Add a splash of character and hue to your living room with the help of this classic distressed Alchemy area rug. Made of polyester, this rug possesses a low-pile height and can definitely be used in the high-traffic areas of your home.

Moreover, this Mid-century Modern rug exhibits a perfectly rich and elegant look! So, it’s time to style that iconic Eames chair and let this rug play a sophisticated role.

10. Multi-Colored Checkered Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

The classic, vivid, and vibrant - this multi-colored checkered area rug makes a visually boosting and energetic appearance. You can choose to pair this rug with a subtle hue like neutral gray, off-white, and beige on the furniture upholstery to make it further stand out, dominantly. 

Secondly, don’t hold back from materials and textures like faux, cane, and fur on accessories like planters and throw blankets. Adding a black and white checkered pattern on the cushion isn’t a bad decor option either!

11. Matrix Trellis Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

For the mid-century backdrops, the classic abstract rugs make a number one option. Featuring a beautiful pattern and geometry, the cool blue and white hue on this rug is something that can easily complement any other design style as well - coastal, modern, and contemporary. 

With a busy, repetitive pattern on board - this rug will always amuse your space and make it feel eccentric and welcoming. Lastly, it is high-pile and can add comfort and warmth!

12. Multi-Colored Aurora Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

It’s time to add a sense of dynamic flair to the room - with the multi-colored Aurora rug on board. Especially with the dull hardwood floors and neutral hues on the furniture, this rug is bound to play flawlessly and impressively dramatic.

Furthermore, this rug has a beautiful nature-inspired imprint that can easily draw the attention of your guests. And at the same time, make your living room feel more fun-loving and playful!

13. Brinker Pastel Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

Unfolding the calmness of pastels and a relaxed, laid-back, and tranquilizing vibe - this Mid-Century Modern area rug is bound to offer an easy breezy and carefree look. It works well with the hardwood as well as tiled floors - and simultaneously, can guarantee a pet-friendly, easy to maintain, and take care of character.

Showcasing a beautiful amalgamation of baby pink, turquoise blue, and dark gray - the pastel rug can give you ample opportunities to prioritize any color palette you crave for your space!

14. Coral Chromatic Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

There are endless ways to infuse a Mid-century vibe into your space! And one such classic example is this dazzling and vibrant area rug that spontaneously grabs attention and makes your living room feel more warm, welcoming, and energetic.

Yes, this area rug also creates an illusion of sunlight to bring positivity and energy to the darkest corners of your home. Not to forget the beige base that creates a subtle look.

15. Cowhide Rug

15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas For Your Home

Wondering how the cowhide rug plays seamlessly in your Mid-century Modern backdrop? Well, it definitely does - as far as you pair it with the iconic furniture from the 70s and an utmost unique color palette.

The captivating characteristics of this rug bring your space an inch closer to timelessness, distinctiveness, and a stunning appeal. Lastly, note that this rug must be styled focally to feel its true beauty.

Summing It Up

When it particularly boils down to mid-century modern rug styles, the list is truly endless. So, all you have to keep in mind is the color palette, the vibe, and overall ambiance you’re craving for! And don’t get overwhelmed by those bright hues and patterns since they can truly speak the magic and spark in your space.

So, did any of those above-mentioned mid-century rug ideas intrigue you? Well, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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